Paw Patrol Kids Sunglasses - Blue | BIG W

Paw Patrol Kids Sunglasses - Blue | BIG W

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Review list

  Mr Stevens

It looks so beautiful!

  Ms watts

This design is very elegant, good quality.

  Mr Marx

How is it that just anybody can show this item online and get as popular as this? It is so beautiful!


Really is a very unique design, I like to buy; this is a product not to be missed!

  Mr Osborne

Support this store, I will buy it next time

  Mr Elliott

After receiving the goods, rave reviews.

  Mr garofalo

The actual product is the same as described, and the quality is very good

  Ms Andersen

Sorry, evaluation of late, first time to buy things online, this item as described with seller,I like it very much. Will visiting to the future. Wish the business is thriving.

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