Ray-Ban RJ9060S 370007 Kids Sunglasses | MYER

Ray-Ban RJ9060S 370007 Kids Sunglasses | MYER

Normal Price: $52
Price: $25.61   (50%OFF)


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Review list

  Mr Contreras

Wow, cheap and fashion, and I would like to introduce my friends also came here to buy.

  Ms Johnston

This shop is really good. I have bought it several times. The old customer service is very good and will come often in the future.

  Mr Agudelo

This series is I am looking for, both generous and convenient to buy it is really a good choice!

  Ms Valencia

It is great and very affordable. Will continue to buy next time.

  Mr Hansen

It is a perfect product, I love it very much!

  Mr de Oliveira

The design is elegant, your content classy. Very good seller, super-fast, really good!

  Mr Herrmann

I told my family and friends are like the products, nice color, style is also very novel!

  Mr Wu

It took a while to evaluate, it's easy to use, and the quality is very good! can buy!

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